Multiple Myeloma Coverage from Every Angle

Published Medical Literature

Individualized, Risk-Prediction Model for Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma: Adding Elotuzumab to Standard Treatment
Black Women’s Health Study: Identifying Risk Factors for Multiple Myeloma
Novel Treatments for Multiple Myeloma May Emerge From Ephrin B2 Research
Relationship Between Age and Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma: A View From Latin America
Deep Dive Into Real-World Data on Daratumumab in Myeloma: Focus on Dosing Frequency
Machine Learning and M-Spike Values in Multiple Myeloma: Prognostic Potential
Maintenance Regimen After Autologous HCT in Relapsed Multiple Myeloma: Phase II Findings
Can a Precision-Based Exercise Program Improve Pain Control for Patients With Myeloma?
Case Report: Managing High-Risk Smoldering Multiple Myeloma With CAR T-Cell Therapy
Spinal Fracture After EBRT for Myeloma: Prediction and Prevention
Post-ASCT Maintenance Therapy for Multiple Myeloma: A Canadian Perspective
Comparing Triplet Regimens in Newly Diagnosed Myeloma: Is There a Clear Winner?
Screening for MGUS in High-Risk Groups May Reduce Health Disparities in Myeloma
More MagnetisMM-3 Results Support Elranatamab’s Potential in Myeloma
Targeting EZH2 to Counter Resistance to Anti-CD38 Immunotherapies in Myeloma
Induction Regimens in Myeloma: VRd Versus KRd
Can a Novel Scoring System Predict Outcomes With CAR T-Cell Therapy for Myeloma?
Second Primary Malignancies and Lenalidomide Treatment: Is There a Connection?
Standardized Assessment of Measurable Residual Disease Via FDG-PET/CT in Myeloma
Predicting Relapse After Transplantation in Myeloma: European Group Creates Novel Score
Updated Phase III IKEMA Results Support Isatuximab-Based Regimen for Relapsed Myeloma
Outcomes Improving for Young Adults Undergoing Autologous HCT for Myeloma
Update on New CAR T-Cell Therapy for Resistant Myeloma From Multicenter Study
Role of AI-Enabled Predictive Analytics for Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Research Offers Insights on Resistance Mechanisms of BCMA CAR T-Cell Therapy for Myeloma
Managing Cardiovascular Risk in Patients Being Treated for Myeloma
Dynamic Frailty in Myeloma: Indications for Prognosis and Management in Older Adults
Managing Myeloma and COVID-19 in the Post-Pandemic Era: Consensus From the European Myeloma Network
Can Bortezomib Treatment in Myeloma Be Made Better With Novel Nanoparticles?
Can CXCR4 Inhibitor and G-CSF Improve Mobilization of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells?
Can Microvesicles, Derived From Myeloma Cells, Be Used to Monitor Tumor Load?
Novel Approach to Risk Stratification in Patients With Myeloma Harboring Translocations
Shedding Light on LAMP5, Potential Contributor to Progression of Myeloma
Therapeutic Strategy Under Study in Myeloma Focuses on Telomere Stability
Potential Myeloma Clinical Marker: Study of Calprotectin Generates Interest
Real-World Infection Picture With Bispecific Antibody Therapy for Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma, CML, and Prostate Cancer: A Rare Triple Combination in a Single Patient
Epigenetic Regulation of Oncogenic Overexpression of ITGB7 in Myeloma Cells
Biophysical Properties Underlying Immunoglobulin Light Chain Amyloidogenicity in Myeloma
BCMA/CD19-Targeting Immunotherapy for Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Potentiating Cell Death in Multiple Myeloma Cells: Focus on Regulation of ALK2 Activity
High-Risk Secondary Events in Myeloma May Necessitate More Aggressive Treatment
Combination Immunochemotherapy for Resistant Myeloma: Focus on Extramedullary Disease
Demographic Characteristics of Patients With Myeloma From the CARTITUDE Trial
ATLAS Trial: Maintenance Triplet Regimen After Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma
COLUMBA Trial: Subcutaneous Versus Intravenous Daratumumab Therapy for Resistant Myeloma
Phase III CASTOR Trial: Daratumumab-Based Regimen for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Plitidepsin-Based Combination Therapy Under Study in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Is Telehealth Exercise as Effective as Standard Exercise Protocols for Patients With Multiple Myeloma?
Activity of Teclistamab in Resistant Myeloma Demonstrated in Early-Phase Study
Polypharmacy and Potentially Inappropriate Medications: Predictors of Frailty in Older Patients With Hematologic Malignancies?
Is the Antigen GPRC5D an Immunotherapeutic Target in Resistant Multiple Myeloma?
Chromatin Regulator Mutations: Novel Predictors of Adverse Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma?
Therapeutic Implications of Novel Genomic Mutations in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Phase III IKEMA Trial: Isatuximab, Carfilzomib, and Dexamethasone in Resistant Myeloma
Transcription Factor FOXM1: A Key Driver and Potential Therapeutic Target in Myeloma
Does Targeting Autophagy Impact the Efficacy of Proteasome Inhibitor Treatment in Myeloma?
Providing Comprehensive Genetics in Myeloma: Focus on Linked-Read Whole-Genome Sequencing
Risk of Breakthrough COVID Infection After Vaccination in Patients With Hematologic Malignancies
HDGF: A Novel Factor in Multiple Myeloma Biology Identified
Optimal Cutoff Value of Circulating Tumor Cells in Myeloma: Biomarker of Adverse Outcomes?
Does Initiation of Oral Anticancer Agent Therapy for Myeloma Affect Adherence to Medications for Chronic Conditions?
Total Marrow Irradiation During Tandem ASCT for Multiple Myeloma
Impact of CD56 Expression on Prognosis and Treatment Response in Multiple Myeloma
Novel Gene Signature May Predict Response to Selinexor in Multiple Myeloma
Impact of Overexpression of CDC20 on Clinical Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma
ERK1/2 and CDK4/6 Inhibitor Combination Under Study in Resistant Myeloma
Can a Risk Score Predict Early Severe Infection in Patients With Multiple Myeloma?
Psychiatric Disorders, Self-Harm, and Patients With Cancer, Including Myeloma
From the Haematological Malignancy Research Network: Expanded Database May Yield Insights in Myeloma
Pros and Cons of BCMA-Targeting Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
Can Plasma Cell–Free RNA Profiling Differentiate Myeloma From Its Premalignant Condition?
Survival Outcomes After Biochemical and Clinical Progression of Relapsed Myeloma
Rare Case of Smoldering Multiple Myeloma Coexisting With Gastrointestinal Amyloidosis
Disrupting Homeostasis in Myeloma Cells: Focus of Research on Novel Therapeutic Approach
PIM2 Kinase: A New Therapeutic Target in Multiple Myeloma?
CD98 Heavy Chain Protein and Myeloma: Preclinical Study of Novel Monoclonal Antibody
Melphalan Flufenamide Versus Pomalidomide in Combination Therapy for Myeloma: OCEAN Trial
Comparison of Assessment Techniques in Myeloma: Longitudinal MRD Versus Biochemical
Phase II FORTE Trial Compares Combination Therapies Plus ASCT in Multiple Myeloma
Research Findings Focus on Characterizing the Epigenetic Landscape in Multiple Myeloma
Can Nutritional Supplements Offset Transplant-Related Toxicities in Multiple Myeloma?
Daratumumab Plus Carfilzomib and Dexamethasone in Resistant Myeloma: CANDOR Trial Update
Is There a Connection Between Regular Aspirin Use and Mortality in Multiple Myeloma?
Are Fully Vaccinated Patients With Myeloma Likely to Experience Breakthrough COVID-19 Infections?
Research Update on Bispecific CAR T-Cell Therapy for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Is There an International Standard of Care for Triple-Class–Exposed Patients With Multiple Myeloma?
Preclinical Results on New PET Tracer in Multiple Myeloma
Palliative Chemoradiotherapy Regimen Under Study in Multiple Myeloma
Novel PET Assessment of Response to Daratumumab Quadruplet in Multiple Myeloma
Predisposing Factors to Catheter-Related Thrombosis in Patients With Myeloma Undergoing ASCT
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: An Adverse Effect of Carfilzomib Therapy for Myeloma?
Bridging Radiation Therapy Plus Immunotherapy for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Venetoclax Plus Pomalidomide and Dexamethasone in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Does t(11;14) Translocation Affect Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma?
Patterns of Infectious Complications in Patients With Myeloma After BCMA CAR T-Cell Therapy
Lenalidomide Maintenance Therapy for Multiple Myeloma: Is Longer Better?
Are Black Patients With Myeloma as Likely as White Patients to Receive Palliative Radiotherapy?
From the Nordic Myeloma Study Group: Update on Carfilzomib-Based Maintenance Therapy
Triplet Regimen Under Study in Frail Patients Newly Diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma
Early-Phase Study of KITE-585 in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Antiemetic Option Under Study for Patients Receiving High-Dose Melphalan for Multiple Myeloma
Is Isatuximab Plus Carfilzomib/Dexamethasone the New Standard of Care in Relapsed Multiple Myeloma?
Autologous Peripheral Blood SCT for Myeloma: Trends in Cause-Specific Mortality
Cohort 2 of KEYNOTE-023: Pembrolizumab-Based Combination for Resistant Myeloma
Can Adding Clarithromycin to Lenalidomide/Dexamethasone Improve Outcomes in Myeloma?
Chemomobilization for Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Isatuximab Under Study in Daratumumab-Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Screening Technique for Early Identification and Treatment of Myeloma Under Study in Iceland
EMN09 Study: Is Carfilzomib, Bendamustine, and Dexamethasone Effective in Treating Advanced Myeloma?
Preclinical Immunomodulatory Strategy for Optimizing Immunotherapy in Myeloma
TOURMALINE-MM1: Overall Survival Outcomes With All-Oral Regimen
CARTITUDE-1 Trial: Targeting BCMA With CAR T-Cell Therapy for Myeloma
Interim Analysis of Phase III Trial of Combination Therapies for Resistant Myeloma
Does Early Combination Therapy Impact Renal Response and Survival in Multiple Myeloma?
COVID-19 and Myeloma: Antibody Responses Against SARS–CoV-2 in Elderly Patients
Low-Dose Venetoclax Under Study in Myeloma Harboring t(11;14) Translocation
Maintenance Therapy for Myeloma: Can Minocycline Reduce the Symptom Burden?
Cost of Disease Progression for Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Rare Case of Extramedullary Disease in Patient With Multiple Myeloma
Acquired Factor X Deficiency and Multiple Myeloma: Case Report
Dual Inhibitor of PI3K and HDAC Under Study in Multiple Myeloma
Case of Therapy-Related AML and Myeloma: Decitabine/Venetoclax and Daratumumab
Efficacy of High-Dose Carfilzomib in MRD-Negative Multiple Myeloma
Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Radiodensity: Prognostic Indicator in Myeloma?
Rare Case of Multiple Myeloma and Echinococcus Granulosus Infection
Can Prognosis Be Linked to Esterase Gene Expression in Myeloma?
Case Study: Immunomodulatory Mechanism and Antimyeloma Effect of Daratumumab
IMWG Offers Updated Recommendations for Managing Myeloma-Related Bone Disease
Daratumumab-Based Regimens and Minimal Residual Disease in Patients With Myeloma
Mycobacterium Abscessus and SARS–CoV-2 Coinfection: Case Report in Myeloma
Renal Response and Outcomes in Myeloma: Carfilzomib- or Bortezomib-Based Therapy
Daratumumab-Based Therapy for Newly Diagnosed Myeloma: Patient-Reported Outcomes From MAIA Trial
Autologous SCT in Multiple Myeloma: To Cryopreserve or Not to Cryopreserve
COVID-19 and Multiple Myeloma: View From the UK Thames Valley Cancer Alliance
Addition of Beta-Blockers to Pomalidomide in Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
Panobinostat Dosing Regimens With SQ Bortezomib/Dexamethasone in Resistant Myeloma
Can Protein Expression Predict Response to Combination Therapy for Multiple Myeloma?
Case Report: Underlying Immunodeficiency and Early-Stage Multiple Myeloma
Update on Diagnostic Criteria and Imaging Techniques in Multiple Myeloma
Smoldering Multiple Myeloma: Defining the Threshold for Treatment
Is Immunotherapy Safe for Patients With Myeloma and HBV Infection?
Tracking Rare Bowel Perforations in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Long-Term Treatment Strategy for Myeloma: Optimal Selections Based on Stage
Case Report: Multiple Myeloma Presenting as Seemingly Benign Scalp Mass
Triplet Therapy for Resistant Multiple Myeloma: Real-World View
Once-Weekly Selinexor Plus Bortezomib and Dexamethasone for Multiple Myeloma
Real-World Use of Measurable Residual Disease Testing in Multiple Myeloma
Comparing Immunomodulatory Agents in Myeloma at First Relapse: OPTIMISMM Trial
Study Analyzes Racial Differences in Treatment and Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma
‘Good-Risk’ Myeloma: Study Finds Genomic Markers Prognostic of Prolonged Survival
Maintenance Therapy With Ixazomib in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
COVID-19 and Multiple Myeloma: Update From Stockholm
Triplet Regimen and Transplantation in Recently Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Optimizing Lenalidomide-Based Therapy for Myeloma: Focus on Plasma Concentration
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Potential Benefits for Patients With Multiple Myeloma?
Bovine Pestivirus: Novel Oncolytic Virotherapy Under Study in Myeloma
Are Education Levels Predictive of Outcomes in Multiple Myeloma?
COVID-19 and Myeloma: Characteristics of Infection and Serologic Response at Mount Sinai Hospital
Denosumab Versus Zoledronic Acid for Myeloma-Related Bone Disease
Myeloma and COVID-19: Consensus on Management From European Myeloma Network
Phase II Trial Focuses on Isatuximab for Resistant Myeloma
Racial Disparities in First-Line Treatment of Myeloma: Focus on Bortezomib and Lenalidomide
Identifying High-Risk Genomic Predictors in Patients With Smoldering Multiple Myeloma
Biomarker May Predict Ultra High–Risk Genetic Features of Myeloma
Vitamin D Deficiency and Racial Differences in Disease Biology in Multiple Myeloma
Update on Role of Subcutaneous Daratumumab in Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma and COVID-19: Recommendations From an Expert Panel
Pomalidomide-Based Therapy for Multiple Myeloma: Results From MM-014 Trial
Second-Line Therapy for Myeloma: Adding Low-Dose Decitabine to Bortezomib
Measles Virus Vaccine Under Study in Multiple Myeloma
Detecting Resistance to Treatment in Multiple Myeloma With Liquid Biopsy
BTK Inhibitor Combination Therapy for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
COVID-19 and Multiple Myeloma: Effects of IL-6 Blockade
Tandem Autologous/Allogeneic Transplant for Myeloma: Long-Term Follow-up of CALGB 100001
Rare Case of Dual Multiple Myeloma and AML: Combination Therapy Active for Both
Early Results With Ruxolitinib-Based Treatment for Resistant Myeloma
Gamma Gap Measurement: Tracking Treatment Response in Multiple Myeloma
CENTAURUS Trial: Daratumumab Monotherapy for Smoldering Multiple Myeloma
Subcutaneous Versus Intravenous Daratumumab in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
CAR T-Cell Strategy for Myeloma: Two Targets, Fewer Relapses
Smoldering Multiple Myeloma: Treat With Lenalidomide or Observe?
Bortezomib- Versus Lenalidomide-Based Treatments in Multiple Myeloma
Adding Clarithromycin to Combination Therapy in Transplant-Ineligible Patients With Myeloma
Daratumumab-Based Combination Therapy in Newly Diagnosed Myeloma: GRIFFIN Study Update
Disparities in Treatment Initiation Among Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Early Research Findings on CAR T-Cell Therapy in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
AMG 420 T-Cell Therapy Induces Responses in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Carfilzomib-Based Induction Regimen in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Venetoclax-Based Combination in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Targeting B-Cell Maturation Antigen in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Responses to Novel Drug Combination Among Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Can Antibiotics Prevent Infection in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Myeloma?
Immune Response to Neoantigens Sparks Research in Myeloma
What Effects Do Induction Therapy for Myeloma Have on Circulating Monocytes?
Measurable Residual Disease: The Future of Assessing Treatment Efficacy in Myeloma?
BCMA-Targeted Immunoconjugate for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Physical Exercise in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Shedding Light on Elotuzumab’s Mechanism of Action in Treating Myeloma
miRNAs: Prognostic Biomarkers in Multiple Myeloma?
Study Finds Racial Disparities in Treatment Patterns Among Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Can Lenalidomide Delay Disease Progression of Smoldering Multiple Myeloma?
Carfilzomib, Panobinostat, Dexamethasone: Novel Combination in Resistant Myeloma
How Does Facility and Provider Volume Impact Survival in Multiple Myeloma?
Comparing Health-Care Costs Across Lines of Therapy for Multiple Myeloma
Risk Assessment and Survival Prediction in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Supportive Care for Older Adults With Myeloma: Underuse of Guideline Recommendations?
ASCT in Myeloma: Will It Be Transplanted by Other Treatments?
Serum Immune Marker and Progression From MGUS to Multiple Myeloma
Early-Phase Study of Iberdomide Plus Dexamethasone for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Daratumumab and Lenalidomide/Dexamethasone in Multiple Myeloma MAIA Trial
Two Phase III Trials Evaluating Daratumumab-Based Therapies for Multiple Myeloma
More Precise Prognostic Index in Myeloma Relies Heavily on Cytogenetics
Carfilzomib-Based Therapy for Resistant Myeloma: Frailty Index and Outcomes
Pretreated Multiple Myeloma: Pomalidomide Plus Bortezomib/Dexamethasone
Pinpointing Best Dose of Immunotherapy (AMG 420) in Resistant Myeloma
Update on CART-BCMA Therapy for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Selinexor Plus Low-Dose Dexamethasone for Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Combining PET-CT and Bone Marrow Assessment in Multiple Myeloma
CASSIOPEIA Trial: Daratumumab Combination Therapy for Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Cardiovascular Adverse Events During Proteasome Inhibitor Therapy for Myeloma
Gait Speed and Grip Strength: Predictors of Outcome in Hematologic Malignancies?
Rare Case of Refractory Multiple Myeloma With Dura Mater Involvement
Phase I Study Findings With bb2121 in Resistant Myeloma
Is There a Role for Phytochemicals in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma?
Current State of Carfilzomib Research for Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Purging Multiple Myeloma Cells Using Bortezomib and Lenalidomide
ABCG2 Polymorphisms in Multiple Myeloma
Potential of Targeting Adipocytes in Treatment of Myeloma
Salvage Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Myeloma: Patient-Reported Outcomes
Epigenetic Inhibitors in Multiple Myeloma Bone Disease: A New Frontier?
Multiple Myeloma and Cardiovascular Comorbidities
Combination Targeted Therapies Under Study in Myeloma
Prognostic Model for Transplant-Ineligible Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Newly Diagnosed Myeloma: Phase II Trial of Carfilzomib and Dexamethasone
Beyond Diagnostic Codes: A New Multiple Myeloma Algorithm
Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Adding Cyclophosphamide to Lenalidomide/Dexamethasone in Resistant Myeloma
Bacteremia After Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma
Advancing Understanding of the Efficacy of Immunomodulatory Drugs in Myeloma
Gene Expression and Progression of Multiple Myeloma
ELOQUENT-3 Trial: Elotuzumab Plus Pomalidomide/Dexamethasone in Resistant Myeloma
Model for Collaborative Physician-Pharmacist Clinic in Multiple Myeloma
First-Line Treatment of Myeloma: Factors With Prognostic Value of Success
Lenalidomide Maintenance in Newly Diagnosed Patients: Myeloma XI Trial
Updated Results With Carfilzomib Triplet in Transplant-Eligible Patients With Myeloma
Cellular Therapy Targeting BCMA in Resistant Multiple Myeloma
Impact of Donor Clonal Hematopoiesis on Stem Cell Transplantation
Racial Disparities in Multiple Myeloma: Do Genomic Abnormalities Play a Role?
Frailty Index May Predict Survival in Newly Diagnosed Myeloma
Safety of Daratumumab in Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Novel Signaling Pathway: Route to Potential Therapy for Multiple Myeloma?
Access to Care: Thalidomide-Based Therapy in Multiple Myeloma
ELOQUENT-2 Trial: Long-Term Benefits of Triplet Therapy in Multiple Myeloma
Analysis of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in Patients With Myeloma During Chemotherapy
Survival Benefits of Maintenance Therapies for Multiple Myeloma
Guidelines for Managing Clostridium Difficile Infection in Younger Transplant Recipients
End-of-Life Care After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Investigating Link Between Cancer-Related Fatigue and Survival in Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma and Bone Metastases: Dosing Interval of Bone-Modifying Agents
Combination Therapy for Older Transplant-Ineligible Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Predictive Risk Factors for Outcome After Transplantation for Myeloma
Destabilizing NEK2 May Overcome Resistance to Treatment in Multiple Myeloma
Update on Reduced-Intensity Conditioning for Certain Hematologic Malignancies
Immunotherapy in Multiple Myeloma: Today and Tomorrow
Twice-Weekly Ixazomib May Benefit Some Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Closer Look at Therapeutic Interventional Clinical Trials in Multiple Myeloma
Long-Term Outcomes Reported With Escalated Melphalan in Multiple Myeloma
Time to Myeloma Diagnosis: Room for Improvement
Is Stem Cell Transplant Still Relevant in Today’s Treatment of Multiple Myeloma?
Intensified Treatment Approach May Improve Survival in Some Patients With Myeloma
Carfilzomib in Resistant Myeloma: Once Weekly Versus Twice Weekly
Is Elotuzumab Monotherapy Beneficial in Patients With Smoldering Multiple Myeloma?
Novel Immunotherapy for Poor-Prognosis Relapsed Multiple Myeloma
PANORAMA-1 Trial in Multiple Myeloma: Patient-Reported Outcomes With Panobinostat
Noninterventional Study of Lenalidomide Plus Dexamethasone in Resistant Myeloma
New Research Finds Clues to Reducing Bortezomib-Linked Neuropathy
Addition of CAR T-Cell Therapy to Stem Cell Transplantation in Refractory Multiple Myeloma
How Closely Do Circulating Tumor Cells, Cell-Free DNA, and Bone Marrow Biopsies Agree?
Is Higher Body Mass Index a Risk Factor for Multiple Myeloma?
Potential of Folate-Targeted Therapies for Multiple Myeloma
Updated ASCO Guideline for Use of Bone-Modifying Agents in Multiple Myeloma
Is DCEP Chemotherapy a Viable Bridge to Definitive Therapy in Resistant Myeloma?
Screening Strategies in Individuals at Risk of Developing Multiple Myeloma
Are Recipients of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation at Risk for Cognitive Decline?
Denosumab Versus Zoledronic Acid for Treating Myeloma With Bone Disease
Daratumumab Combination Therapy in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
ASPIRE Trial: Triplet Therapy in Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
High-Dose Therapy Followed by Autologous Stem Cell Transplant for Multiple Myeloma
Considering Newer Agents in Managing Relapse in Resistant Myeloma
BCMA as a Therapeutic Target and Biomarker in Multiple Myeloma
Clinical Practice Update on Bone-Modifying Agents in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Infection Prevention in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Early Research Studies May Advance the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
Carfilzomib and Cardiovascular Adverse Events in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Novel Antibody Clone for Targeting Multiple Myeloma Cancer Cells
Survival and CRP Levels Prior to Transplantation in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Novel Three-Part Treatment Sequence in High-Risk Multiple Myeloma
What Role, If Any, Does Obesity Play in MGUS and Multiple Myeloma?
Cost-Effectiveness Comparisons of Treatments for Heavily Pretreated Multiple Myeloma
Differences in Genetic Mutations in Blacks and Whites With Multiple Myeloma
Venetoclax Combination Therapy for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Can Type of Myeloma Influence Response to Monoclonal Antibodies?
Multiple Myeloma Precancerous Disease and African Americans
Gene Signature in Predicting Response to Immunomodulatory Derivatives in Myeloma
Protein Kinases CK1-alpha and CK2 in Pathogenesis of Multiple Myeloma
Carfilzomib Versus Bortezomib in Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Prognostic Immune Biomarker in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
Lenalidomide Maintenance After Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma
MRI Versus PET-CT in Symptomatic Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Bendamustine, Prednisone, and Bortezomib Treatment for Light Chain Multiple Myeloma
Impact of Subsidies on Use of Immunomodulatory Drugs in Medicare Beneficiaries With Myeloma
Treatment Tolerability in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Daratumumab Combination Therapy for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Induction and Maintenance Therapies With Bortezomib in Myeloma
Prognostic Impact of MRD-Negative Status in Multiple Myeloma
Ixazomib Plus Lenalidomide/Dexamethasone in Relapsed or Refractory Myeloma: China Continuation Study
Combination Treatment With or Without Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma

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