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Cytogenetic Risk Stratification: A Real-World Approach to Optimizing Outcomes in Myeloma

By: Joshua D. Madera, MS
Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The creation of therapeutic agents targeted at t(11;14) may improve overall outcomes for patients with multiple myeloma, according to a study published in Blood Cancer Journal. In their retrospective study, Sikander Ailawadhi, MD, of the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, and colleagues used real-world data to examine treatment patterns and outcomes in patients with t(11;14) compared with high- and standard-risk subgroups across different lines of therapy.

“Novel therapeutics targeted to defined subgroups offer an opportunity for more personalized medicine in multiple myeloma based on genomic profiles to optimize patient outcomes,” commented the study investigators.

From 2011 to 2020, a total of 6,138 patients with multiple myeloma were recruited for the study from the Flatiron Health database. All patients were stratified into one of three cohorts based on cytogenetic studies: the t(11;14)-positive cohort, the high-risk cohort, and the standard-risk cohort. Patients received first- (n = 6,137), second- (n = 3,160), and third-line (n = 1,654) treatments.

The study authors identified 645 patients with a positive t(11;14) gene. Of these patients, 30.9% had associated high-risk abnormalities, whereas 69.1% had a positive t(11;14) gene alone. In addition, 1,624 patients were identified as being at high risk, and 2,544 patients were identified as being at standard risk. Despite different lines of treatment in t(11;14)-positive, high-risk, and standard-risk patients, treatment patterns remained consistent in the absence of biomarker-driven therapy. Furthermore, regardless of the line of treatment received, patients in the high-risk subgroup had worse outcomes than patients who were t(11;14)-positive or in the standard-risk subgroup.

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