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Kidney Week 2017: Nephrologist Monitoring of Patients With Kidney Cancer After Surgery

By: Joseph Cupolo
Posted: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

To find out whether patients with chronic renal disease who underwent nephrectomy were receiving adequate monitoring for possible kidney cancer, researchers from the University of Maryland analyzed 66 patients from a database at the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center who had at least 6 months of follow-up after nephrectomy. According to the data presented at Kidney Week 2017 (Abstract FR-PO527), hosted by the American Society of Nephrology, by Eric P. Cohen, MD, of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, nephrologic follow-up of these patients with chronic kidney disease was found to be deficient.

As renal disease often accompanies kidney cancer, the American College of Pathology recommends the tissue surrounding a resected kidney cancer be examined to identify significant medical renal disease, much as is done for a kidney biopsy performed for noncancerous disease. This strategy can guide nephrologists regarding the management of patients who have had nephrectomy, partial or complete.

Of the patients who were included in the study, 27 had clear cell renal cancer. A total of 23 of these patients had any nephrology follow-up after their surgery, and 13 had undergone measurement of proteinuria. Thus, Dr. Cohen and his colleagues concluded: “It is prudent to ensure nephrologist follow-up for patients who have had a nephrectomy for kidney cancer.”