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Is Physical Inactivity an Independent Risk Factor for Renal Cancer?

By: Andrew Goldstein
Posted: Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A lack of regular, weekly recreational physical activity seems to be associated with an increased risk for both renal and bladder cancers, according to a hospital-based case-control analysis published in Cancer Epidemiology by Rikki Cannioto, PhD, EdD, MS, of the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and colleagues. However, the investigators noted, larger additional studies and prospectively collected data are needed to confirm their conclusions.

“Our findings underscore how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including getting and staying active,” commented Dr. Cannioto in a press release.

The study followed 160 patients with renal cancer, 206 patients with bladder cancer, and 766 age frequency-matched control patients without cancer. Those who self-reported no participation in regular, weekly recreational physical activity were classified as “physically inactive.”

According to the study, patients with renal cancer had a statistically significantly higher body mass index on average than controls and were more likely to be physically inactive. Those with bladder cancer were more likely to be ever smokers and report physical inactivity. Among women, those with renal cancer were more than twice as likely as controls to report being physically inactive. A significant association between physical inactivity and both renal and bladder cancers was observed among non-obese patients.