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ASBrS 2017: Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy for Ductal Carcinoma in Situ

Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) treated with breast-conserving surgery, the rate of contralateral breast cancer appears to be low across all patient groups and does not seem to be linked to factors that increase the risk of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR), according to an analysis of this patient population performed by Miller et al, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York. These findings were presented at the recent American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) Annual Meeting (Abstract 254421) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although identifying factors associated with a higher risk of IBTR may be important in decision-making between breast-conserving surgery and unilateral mastectomy, the investigators concluded that it should not prompt contralateral prophylactic mastectomy for DCIS. More than 2,700 patients with DCIS undergoing breast-conserving surgery from 1978 to 2011 who were identified as being at risk for contralateral breast cancer were included in this prospective analysis.